Miner Distribution offers warehousing, freight forwarding and distribution services in two locations: Interexpress LLC in Laredo and RR Intertrans LLC in Hidalgo, both in the state of Texas.

Interexpress LLC has 30,000 square feet available for storage, Including a specific area for HAZMAT products. RR Intertrans LLC, has 45,000 square feet for storage including 2,000 feet for inbound/in-bond storage, and has the capacity to receive up to 100 trailers in its yard. Both warehouses have CCTV and monitored security services to ensure that your products are secure.

RR Intrertrans LLC, is C-TPAT certified. This U.S. initiative offers unique advantages to northbound shipments to the United States like:

  • Reduced number of intensive inspections at U.S. Customs
  • Access to Free and Secure Trade lanes, “Fast” and front of the line privileges
  • Reduced probability of inspections at U.S. Customs

Selection of Services

  • Warehousing, loading and unloading, cross docking and storage in Hidalgo and Laredo, Texas.
  • Bonded warehouse in Hidalgo, Texas and HAZMAT storage area in both locations.
  • Kitting, pick and pack, order fulfillment and repacking.
  • Labeling and Mexican NOM compliance
  • HTS classification and compliance inspection. (SAGARPA / USDA, NYCE, COFEPRIS)
  • Inventory visibility and real-time shipment reports.
  • Critical parts and repair and return programs.