Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

To be able to provide efficient and professional end to end logistic services to or from Mexico, it is required not only to have years of experience in international trade, but also the local knowledge and skill to understand the nuances of each shipment. The team members of Miner Customs Brokerage have the experience to navigate the complexities of the customs clearance process to avoid any delay or unnecessary costs.

Agencia Aduanal Miner S.C. is a Mexican Customs Broker incorporated in 1989 in Reynosa and in 1996 in Nuevo Laredo, both in Tamaulipas Mexico. It is the company by which the Miner Customs Brokerage division provides its customs clearance services in Mexico.

Agencia Aduanal Miner S.C. was certified IS09002 in 2000 and in September 2011, it was recertified IS09001:2008 and also Quality Customs Broker, according to Mexican NOM NMX/R/026/SCFI/2009 by ANACE, an official Mexican registrar.

There are two customs brokers under Aduanal Miner S.C.  Both customs brokers are members of the National Mexican Customs Brokers Association, CAAAREM, as well as members of their local customs brokers associations and both licenses are certified by the Inter-American Institute of Borders and Customs, IIFA in Mexico.

Miner Customs Brokerage services are expeditious, efficient and professional. Our goal is not only to comply with our customer’s requirements but to exceed their expectations every time.

The strategic alliances and local relationships that we have established allow us to offer individualized and specialized solutions for all your shipments, including:

  • Full trailer load, LTL, parcel clearance services.
  • Consolidate and clear services.
  • Door-to-door and same day or overnight delivery in certain areas of Mexico as well as cargo insurance.

Selection of Services

Comprehensive Mexican customs clearance services for southbound and northbound shipments to and from Mexico through the ports of:

  • Nuevo Laredo, Mexico / Laredo, Texas
  • Reynosa, Mexico / McAllen, Texas
  • Colombia, Mexico / Laredo, Texas
  • Mexico City airport (MEX)*

Specialized import and export services including

  • Same serial number repair and return.
  • Harmonized Tariff Code analysis.
  • Consolidate and clear as one shipment.
  • Legal consulting services.

Food supplement and Direct Selling consulting compliance services.

  • COFEPRIS permits
  • NYCE
  • NOMs (50 / 051 / 141 / 189)

Mexican HTS and specialized product analysis as well as real-time custom clearance reports to enhance shipment visibility.

* Through strategic alliances.